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Jul 7 2020 | Posted In: Awards, Students
We have two winners this year! The papers written by Michael Alexander Karr and Vivek N. Tanna tied for the first place! Congratulations for the excellent work! They will both be awarded $500 as winners!
Jul 7 2020 | Posted In: Awards, Students
Abstract: "To See a World in a Grain of Sand: Self-reference and Chronology in the Lotus Sūtra" In the Lotus Sūtra, the name of the text is in many instances referred to by Śākyamuni himself in the scripture. It is stated by Śākyamuni in his current delivering of the scripture, in Śākyamuni’s...
Jul 7 2020 | Posted In: Awards, Students
Abstract:  "Buddhist Tantra: Self and World" Visualization rituals in Tantric Buddhism have profound and sometimes paradoxical implications for one’s perception of self. This approach to the self, in turn, cannot be appreciated without understanding the Buddhist view of the world and its celestial...

"Court Music and Dances from Japan" at Stanford University