Preaching Buddha from the British Museum
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Tang dynasty image of the teaching Buddha. Digital image: © The Trustees of the British Museum

The Ho Center for Buddhist Studies at Stanford (HCBSS) serves to support and develop the university’s resources for Buddhist Studies in academic programs, collaborative research, scholarly communication, and public outreach.

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Monday, September 23, 2024
12:00 amto11:59 pm, All day


THE EVANS-WENTZ LECTURESHIP  The 1500 exquisite relief carvings on the great early ninth-century monument of Borobudur, in central Java, culminate in a major set of panels keyed to the early Mahāyāna text, the Gaṇḍavyūha, with its story of the layman Sudhana's quest for enlightenment.
Our Buddhist Studies graduate student, Julian Butterfield, receives one of the Ho Family Foundation Dissertational Fellowships in Buddhist Studies for 2024-25.
CHINESE BUDDHISM LECTURES  To what extent did Buddhism influence the worldview of the traditional Chinese peasant? Did Buddhist soteriology inform the religious practice of Chinese villagers?

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