New Buddhist Chaplain Affiliate Appointed at Stanford: Z. M. Rebecca Nie

Photo of Rebecca Nie

We welcome Stanford's first Buddhist Chaplain Affiliate, Z. M. Rebecca Nie!

Rebecca Nie is a Stanford alum and Zen Master of the Korean Jogye Order. Her lineage of awakening traces 80 generations back to the Buddha. As an undergraduate, Z.M. Rebecca started formal training under Venerable Hwasun Yangil Sunim, an Elder of the Jogye Order. She founded the Stanford Zen Society and was a co-chair of the Buddhist Community at Stanford during her graduate studies. Z.M. Rebecca served the spiritual communities at Stanford for over a decade, first being a student volunteer and now as a chaplain-affiliate. She is also the founding abbot of M.V. Seon Sanctuary, with a mission to share Asia's time-tested liberation practices to heal and uplift the global community. Z.M. Rebecca finds herself spending more and more time practicing and sharing Zen's wisdom tradition these days. The more she works in this capacity, the more Zen helps her with relationships, productivity, and other facets of life.  

A native of Mainland China, Z.M. Rebecca's training and messages derive from the Continental Zen tradition. She sees her Zen practice and community service as inseparable components of her path. The premise of both is that by developing our insight and compassion for ourselves and those around us, we can live fuller and more fulfilling lives. Knowing and being who we truly are is the foundation of all wholesome speech, action, and mental states, as well as profound wisdom. Z.M. Rebecca invites you to heal, love, invest in yourself, and wake up to your fullest potential.