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CBD 2023: iPause Guided practice #8, Inclusive Awareness and the Open Way with Will Kabat-Zinn, MA

Monday October 30th 2023, 5:00 - 5:45PM
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Contemplation by Design
Stanford Prevention Research Center
School of Medicine
The Ho Center for Buddhist Studies
Will Kabat-Zinn

There are two ways to find inner stability in meditation, one is by letting one’s attention be absorbed in a single object, the breath, or an inner image.  The other way is to allow all experiences to be welcomed in awareness so that there is no tension that comes with trying to stay with an object, no pushing and pulling in the mind, and no grasping at one experience over another.  Although this second way is in a certain sense describing a fruition and not a practice, this open way can be practiced as a method if we take each arising experience as the path of practice as the Buddha advised us to do in the Satipatthana Sutta (Discourse on the Foundations of Mindfulness).  In this meditation, we will practice the foundations of mindfulness in this open way and notice what qualities this brings to our minds and experience.

This Workshop is part of a series  offered by Will Kabat-Zinn as part of the free, annual Stanford Contemplation by Design Summit. Attendees are encouraged to reigster for one or all of the following sessions with Will Kabat-Zinn:

  • Ancient Wisdom, Present Freedom:  How mindfulness becomes natural in meditation, Will Kabat-Zinn, on Oct. 28th
  • Interactive Workshop: Everyday Mindfulness, Will Kabat-Zinn, on Oct 29th

Will Kabat-Zinn, MA, is an Insight Meditation teacher based in the Bay Area.  He spent his early practice years at the Insight Meditation Society, and later at Panditarama Forrest Meditation Center under the guidance of Sayadaw U Pandita.  Will was deeply influenced by his friendship with Dr. Rina Sircar and her teacher, the forest monk Taungpulu Sayadaw, and by the fierce compassion of Chan Master Shen Yen.  Will has a master's degree in counseling psychology and is a member of the Spirit Rock teacher council. He lives in the East Bay with his wife and two children. Will is the guiding teacher of the weekly sitting group in the Insight Meditation Tradition known as the “Sunday Sangha.”

CBD 2023: iPause Guided practice #8, Inclusive Awareness and the Open Way with Will Kabat-Zinn is part of the FREE Contemplation by Design Summit, Oct. 24- Nov. 2, 2023.

Registration opens September 12, 2023