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Brenda Falk

Dissertation: “The Road to Osorezan: A Case Study of a Pilgrimage Site in Contemporary Japan”
Graduation Year: 2016

Rafal Felbur

Dissertation: Anxiety of Emptiness: Self and Scripture in Early Medieval Chinese Buddhism, With a Focus on Sengrui
Research Interests: Chinese Buddhism
Graduation Year: 2018

Wendi Adamek

Dissertation: Issues in Chinese Buddhist Transmission as Seen Through the Lidai fabao ji (Record of the Dharma-Jewel Through the Ages)
Graduation Year: 1997

Sarah Fremerman Aptilon

Dissertation: Divine Impersonations: Nyoirin Kannon in Medieval Japan
Graduation Year: 2008

Benjamin (Ben) Brose

Dissertation: Buddhist Empires: Saṃgha-State Relations in Tenth-Century China
Graduation Year: 2009

Megan Bryson

Dissertation: The Transformations of Baijie Shengfei: Gender and Ethnicity in Chinese Religion
Graduation Year: 2010

Heawon Choi

Dissertation: The Wandering Sage: Zhi Dun's (314-366) Life and Thought in Multiple Contexts
Research Interests: Chinese Buddhism
Graduation Year: 2015

Michael Como

Dissertation: Silla Immigrants and the Early Shōtoku Cult: Ritual and the Poetics of Power in Early Yamato
Graduation Year: 2000

Michael Como

Dissertation: Silla Immigrants and the Early Shōtoku Cult: Ritual and the Poetics of Power in Early Yamato

Theodore (Tad) Cook

Dissertation: The Daojiao yishu: A Tang-dynasty Daoist Handbook
Graduation Year: 2007

Shari Epstein

Dissertation: Boundaries of the Dao: Hanshan Deqing's (1546-1623) Buddhist Commentary on the Zhuangzi
Graduation Year: 2006

Egil (Gil) Fronsdal

Dissertation: The Dawn of the Bodhisattva Path: Studies in a Religious Ideal of Ancient Indian Buddhists
Graduation Year: 1998

David Gardiner

Dissertation: Kūkai and the Beginnings of Shingon Buddhism in Japan
Graduation Year: 1994

Henry (Hank) Glassman

Dissertation: The Religious Construction of Motherhood in Medieval Japan
Graduation Year: 2001

Lawrence Gross

Dissertation: Manzan Dōhaku and the Transmission of the Teaching
Graduation Year: 1998

Lisa Grumbach

Dissertation: Sacrifice and Salvation in Medieval Japan: Hunting and Meat in Religious Practice at Suwa Jinja
Graduation Year: 2005

Wilburn (Wil) Hansen

Dissertation: Strange Tidings from the Realm of Immortals: Hirata Atsutane's Ethnography of the Other World
Graduation Year: 2006

Chiew Hui Ho

Dissertation: Tales of the Diamond Sutra: Buddhism on the Ground in Medieval China
Graduation Year: 2013

Jason (J.J.) Josephson

Dissertation: Taming Demons: The Anti-Superstition Campaign and the Invention of Religion in Japan (1853-1920)
Graduation Year: 2006

John Kieschnick

Dissertation: The Idea of the Monk in Medieval China: Asceticism, Thaumaturgy, and Scholarship in the Biographies of Eminent Monks
Graduation Year: 1995

George Klonos

Dissertation: Shugendō in the Tokugawa Period: Mount Ōmine as Imaginary Space and Place of Practice
Graduation Year: 2012

Se-Woong Koo

Dissertation: Making Belief: Religion and the State in Korea, 1392-1960
Graduation Year: 2011

Okada Masahiko

Dissertation: Vision and Reality: Buddhist Cosmographic Discourse in Nineteenth-Century Japan
Graduation Year: 1997

David (Max) Moerman

Dissertation: Localizing Paradise: Kumano Pilgrimage in Medieval Japan
Graduation Year: 2000

Elizabeth Morrison

Dissertation: Ancestors, Authority, and History: Chan Lineage in the Writings of Qisong (1007-1072)
Graduation Year: 2004

Jason Protass

Dissertation: “Buddhist Monks and Chinese Poems: Song Dynasty Monastic Literary Culture”
Graduation Year: 2016

David Quinter

Dissertation: The Shingon Ritsu School and the Mañjuśrī Cult in the Kamakura Period: From Eison to Monkan
Graduation Year: 2006

James Robson

Dissertation: Imagining Nanyue: A Religious History of The Southern Marchmount Through the Tang Dynasty [618-907]
Graduation Year: 2002

Dominic Steavu

Dissertation: The Three Sovereigns Tradition: Talismans, Elixirs, and Meditation in Early Medieval China
Graduation Year: 2010

Julius Tsai

Dissertation: In the Steps of Emperors and Immortals: Ritual Tours to the Mountains in Early Daoism
Graduation Year: 2003

Mark Unno

Dissertation: As Appropriate: Myōe Kōben and the Problem of the Vinaya in Early Kamakura Buddhism
Graduation Year: 1994

B. Alan Wallace

Dissertation: The Cultivation of Sustained Voluntary Attention in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism
Graduation Year: 1995
Nicholas Witkowski

Nicholas Witkowski

Dissertation: The Ascetic Lifestyle in the Early Indian Buddhist Monastery: A Study of the Dhutaguna Practices in the Vinaya Tradition
Graduation Year: 2015

Wang Xiang

Dissertation: Reconstructing Ximing Monastery: History, Imagination and Scholarship in Medieval Chinese Buddhism
Graduation Year: 2012

Zhaohua Yang

Dissertation: Devouring Impurities: Myth, Ritual and Talisman in Tang China
Graduation Year: 2013