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Jul 7 2020 | Posted In: Awards, Students
Abstract: "To See a World in a Grain of Sand: Self-reference and Chronology in the Lotus Sūtra"
Jul 7 2020 | Posted In: Awards, Students
Abstract:  "Buddhist Tantra: Self and World" Visualization rituals in Tantric Buddhism have profound and sometimes paradoxical implications for one’s perception of self. This approach to the self, in turn, cannot be appreciated without understanding the Buddhist view of the world and its celestial...
Jul 7 2020 | Posted In: Awards, Students
We have two winners this year! The papers written by Michael Alexander Karr and Vivek N. Tanna tied for the first place! Congratulations for the excellent work! They will both be awarded $500 as winners!
May 22 2020
Allan just successfully defended his dissertation, "Divine Transactions: The Transformation of Buddhist Public Liturgies at Dunghuang (8th-10th Centuries). Well done, Allan!
Mar 30 2020
Sangyop Lee has just accepted the Stanford Humanities Center (SHC) Dissertation Fellowship Prize and will be a fellow at the SHC for the 2020-21 academic year. Congratulations!