HCBSS Postdoctoral Fellow Trent Walker Hosts the Goodman Lectures

Photo of Trent Walker

We are pleased to announce that HCBSS Postdoctoral Fellow Trent Walker is hosting the Khyentse Foundation’s new Goodman Lectures, which he co-organized with the Khyentse Foundation's Executive Director Cangioli Che. 

Each month, the series will feature a lecture from one of the Buddhist studies programs the Khyentse Foundation partners with at universities in Asia, Europe, and North America. The lectures, delivered by leading scholars in the field, are intended to create a bridge between academic and nonacademic audiences, presenting bold ideas and innovative research in an accessible format. All lectures will be freely available online. 

The Goodman Lectures are organized in honor of Professor Steven D. Goodman (1945–2020). During his many years of service to different academic institutions and Buddhist communities, Goodman’s wisdom and humor buoyed his students and colleagues. His commitment to making the fruits of Buddhist studies available to a broad audience was unshakeable. The Goodman Lectures are inspired by Goodman's enduring vision of making academic talks sponsored by Khyentse Foundation available to all. 

Please visit the Khyentse Foundation for more information and to sign up for news about the Goodman Lectures. The next lecture will be on Thursday, August 19, 2021, when University of Hamburg Professor Dorji Wangchuk will speak on “When Can Buddhism be Considered Dead and When Living?” We look forward to this and future lectures from the exciting group of scholars Walker brought together for the series!