Ajahn Jayanto: "A Call of the Heart: A Monk's Life Today"

Tuesday October 17th 2017, 5:30 - 7:00PM
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The Ho Center for Buddhist Studies at Stanford
Levinthal Hall, Humanities Center
Ajahn Jayanto: "A Call of the Heart: A Monk's Life Today"


Ajahn Jayanto will offer reflections on his life as a Theravāda Buddhist monk in England, Thailand, and the U.S., and why the ancient Buddhist monastic vocation has become meaningful to increasing numbers of people in our modern societies.


Ajahn Jayanto was born in Boston in 1967. During his university years a period of world travel kindled a great interest in the spiritual life. In 1989 he joined the monastic community of Ajahn Chah and Ajahn Sumedho at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery in England. He trained at monasteries of that community in England until 1997, then embarked on a period of practice in Thailand and other Asian Buddhist countries. Returning to the UK in 2006 he served in the community at Amaravati until moving to New Hampshire in 2014. Since 2009 Ajahn Jayanto has helped guide long-standing local efforts to establish a branch monastery of the Ajahn Chah community in New England, and he now serves as abbot of Temple Forest Monastery, in the small town of Temple, NH.


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