List of events for academic year 1997–1998

Wednesday January 1st 1997, 12:00AM

Events Archive 1997–1998

Stanford Center for Buddhist Studies (SCBS) Lectures

Gregory Schopen
University of Texas
On Buddhist Monks and Making Babies: Strategies for Getting Boys into the Monasteries
Co-sponsored by Department of Religious Studies

Gregory Schopen
University of Texas
Bringing the Buddha into Town: Monastic Image Processions and Fundraising Techniques
Co-sponsored by Department of Religious Studies

Imai Masaharu
Tsukuba University, Japan
The Holy Renunciant Ippen: A Nenbutsu Monk of the Kamakura Period

Anne Klein
Rice University
Buddhism and Bon in Eighth-century Tibet

Dale Wright
Occidental College
Impermanence and Historicity in the Buddhist Thought of Enlightenment


SCBS Colloquium

The Religions of China

Franciscus Verellen
University Paris
The Zhang Daoling Legend in Medieval Sichuan: A New Perspective on Early Heavenly Master Daoism

Steven Sangren
Cornell University
Rebellious Sons and Filial Daughters: Gender and Filial Piety in Chinese Stories about Gods

Miriam Levering
University of Tennessee
Imagining the Impossible: The Woman Ch'an Master in the Golden Age of Ch'an Buddhism

Stephen Bokenkamp
Indiana University
The Salvation of Laozi: Transformations of the Sage in the Lingbao Scriptures

Hal Roth
Brown University
Original Tao: Inward Training (nei-yeh) and the Foundations of Taoist Mysticism

Angela Zito
Barnard College
Purchasing Parents: Filiality and Money in a Seventeenth-Century Short Story

Xu Xin
Nanjing University, Visiting Scholar, Harvard University
On the Religious Life of the Kaifeng Jewish Community in the 15th-17th Centuries
Co-sponsored by Jewish Studies Program

Donald Leslie
Canberra University, Australia
Islam in China

Daniel Stevenson
University of Kansas
Ritualizing T'ien-t'ai 'Tradition' in the Sung

Charles Orzech 
University of North Carolina
Politics and Enlightenment: Reflections on Method in the Study of Chinese Buddhism

Aramaki Noritoshi
Kyoto University
Northern Wei Buddhism at the Yün-kang Caves

Pat Berger
University of California, Berkeley
Politicizing the Pantheon: Inconographers of the Qianlong Court


Humanities Center Workshop

Gary Snyder's Mountains and Rivers Without End
Organized by Mark Gonnerman. Co-sponsored by Stanford Humanities Center

Gary Snyder
Reading from his Mountains and Rivers Without End

Susan Matisoff 
Asian Languages, Stanford University
Noh, Yamamba, and the Mountain Spirit

Carl Bielefeldt
Religious Studies, Stanford University
Dogen's Mountains and Rivers Sutra

Richard Vinograd
Art, Stanford University
Words on Paintings on Words, and the Esthetics of Endlessness

Raoul Birnbaum
University of California, Santa Cruz
Buddhists and Chinese Mountains: Representations, Fantasies, Real Practices

P.J. Ivanhoe
Religious Studies and Philosophy, Stanford University
Views of Nature in Early Chinese Thought

David Robertson
University of California, Davis
Gary Snyder: Riprapping in Yosemite, Circumambulating Mt. Tamalpais, Practicing on San Juan Ridge

Kimi Kodani Hill 
The Life and Work of Chiura Obata

Tom Hare
Asian Languages, Stanford University
Reclaiming Orientalism

Robert Hass
University of California, Berkeley
Reading Mountains and Rivers Without End

Michael McClure
Reading Mountains and Rivers Without End

Haun Saussey
Asian Languages, Stanford University
Taking Nothing but Pictures (If That) with Wang Wei as Predecessor

David Freyberg
Geology, Stanford University
Hydrology for Poets: Mountains and Rivers, Canyons and Eddies

Charles Junkerman
Stanford Continuing Studies
Walking to Work

Norman Fischer
San Francisco Zen Center
Zen and the Art of Mountains and Rivers Without End

Timothy Dean
Stanford Humanities Center Fellow
The Force of Poetic Personality in Mountains and Rivers Without End


Workshops and Symposia

Critical Terms for Buddhist Studies

Carl Bielfeldt 
Stanford University

Steven Collins
University of Chicago

Collett Cox
University of Washington

Janet Gyatso
Amherst University

Charles Hallisey
Harvard University

Donald Lopez
University of Michigan

Robert Sharf
University of Michagan

New Approaches to Buddhism: Three Recent Works
Evans-Wentz Conference. Co-sponsored by Department of Religious Studies

Steven Collins
Univeristy of Chicago
Nirvana and Other Buddhist Felicities: Utopias of the Pali Imaginaire, with comments by Collett Cox (Washington)

Janet Gyatso
Amherst University
Apparitions of the Self: The Secret Autobiography of a Tibetan Visionary, with comments by Charles Hallisey (Harvard)

Donald Lopez
University of Michigan
Prisoners of Shangri-La: Tibetan Buddhism and the West, with comments by Robert Sharf (Michigan)

Zen Studies, Zen Practice
Co-sponsored by Green Gulch Farm, Marin

The Life, Times, and Teachings of Shunryu Suzuki Roshi
Co-sponsored by Green Gulch Farm, Marin