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Water lily, Hortus Botanicus Leiden, Netherlands. Photo credit: Irene Lin

ASSU Buddhist group grants


We invite Associated Students of Stanford University (ASSU) groups that organize activities and events related to Buddhism to apply for funding. Quarterly grants will be capped at $500 per quarter and annual grants are capped at $1,500 per academic year per group. In addition, special grants are available for large events/activities. Please note: these funds are meant to supplement the grants available through the ASSU and other departments/programs.


Grants Timeline

Annual Grants

Quarter Grants

Quick Grants

Special Grants


Ongoing events/activities

Events/activities for quarter

Small events/activities

Large events/activities

When to Apply

Before March 30 for funding in the next academic year

Apply the quarter before events/activities

Two weeks before planned event/activity

Before March 30 for funding in the next academic year

Funds Available

Beginning of academic year

Beginning of quarter of events/activities

Within one week of approval

Beginning of academic year

Approval Date

Within 3 weeks of application

Within two weeks of application

Within one week of application

Within 3 weeks of application







Application Procedure and Requirements

  1. Before applying, officers of the group are required to have a short meeting with Executive Director Irene Lin: ihl [at] (ihl[at]stanford[dot]edu)
  2. Submit required Information:
    1. Short description of the group
    2. Names and contact details of officers and advisors of the group
  3. Submit a proposal and itemized budget for activities and events for the academic year/quarter/special event or activity
  4. Before June 30, please submit the following documents:
    1. 1–2 page report describing what kind of activities and events the grant supported.
    2. Photo image(s) of the activities and events for the Center newsletter.
    3. Itemized expense report for how grant was spent. Please include unspent balance for our records.
    4. Failure to complete these reports will disqualify the group from applying for future funding.


Please submit applications and direct any questions to Executive Director Irene Lin: ihl [at] (ihl[at]stanford[dot]edu)